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Advantages of Aging in Place

Advantages of Aging in Place

The advantages of aging in place are numerous, and keep aging individuals’ quality of life as high as possible, often for longer than in a nursing home or other assisted care facility.

Aging in place allows seniors to remain wherever they currently reside, and letting them continue to live their life. There are many benefits of allowing people to age in place, including:

  1. Familiarity. Seniors are usually familiar with their current surroundings. Being able to remain there is going to help them as they continue to age.
  2. Comfort. There’s no place like home. Being at home is going to be the most comfortable option that a senior citizen can have. They have their own surroundings and belongings, and will feel the most comfortable there.
  3. Independence. Being able to be at home to age means that seniors will have an opportunity to remain more independent. They will be able to continue doing many of the things they have always done and enjoy engaging in.
  4. Mentality. Where we are can often impact how we feel mentally. If a senior stays home to age they are likely to feel much better and happier than one that has been put into a nursing home, for example.

It’s no secret that today’s seniors are living much longer, healthier lives than generations past. But seniors aging in place may need some additional assistance; everything from transportation to home care. So assisted living is a great choice if your loved one needs help with the activities of daily living.

And if your loved is choosing to age in place, we should be your first choice for assisted living care.

At Health Advocates Homecare, we understand seniors. Just like you and I, they want to have enjoy life, have fun, and, maybe most importantly, be independent. Your loved one doesn’t want to be told what they “can’t” do, or how much “help” they need. We appreciate and understand that. So we do our best to keep them in charge. They call the shots on the services we provide for them. We are just here to make their lives easier.

Moreover–We offer an alternative to assisted living and nursing home facilities that allows your loved one to remain in the comfort of home and receive the quality care they need and deserve.

  1. We offer extensive free evaluations, and develop a customized care plan designed to meet your loved one’s needs.
  2. Our staff is experienced in home care– attentive, and compassionate. We know how important the care of your loved one is to you.
  3. Our staff of professionals are all employees, not independent contractors, meaning they are covered by our liability and workers compensation insurance, for your peace of mind.
  4. Our staff includes one of the only Nurse Certified Geriatric Care Managers in the State of Illinois, as well as two registered nurses with over 50 years of experience in home healthcare.
  5. Our highly experienced staff will work closely with physicians, families, and other caregivers so your loved one can live independently and safely at home.
  6. We will be your advocate, both in dealing with insurance and financial matters, and dealing with doctors, hospitals, rehab facilities, and the like.

What it comes down to is this—if you want your loved one to have professional, compassionate care in the comfort of home, you need to contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation. We’ll help give you and your loved one the freedom to live a quality life, at home.

With Health Advocates Homecare, you’re not alone.