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Bolingbrook Transportation for Seniors Care

When Your Loved One Needs Transportation

The ability to travel around town, going where we want or need to go whenever we need or choose to is a freedom that most of us enjoy. But many seniors don’t always have that freedom.

The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) estimates that there are 26 million elderly Americans who depend on others for their mobility. And if your loved one is one of them, you may not always have the time to take them to an appointment, to the grocery store, or to the pharmacy.

So you need to be aware of your transportation options for your loved one. There’s always taxis or buses, but they not be dependable or your loved one’s circumstances doesn’t make either an option.

And, really, when you think about, you probably want them to have more than just a ride.

Health Advocates Homecare is More Than Just a Ride

That’s where we come in. We’re Health Advocates Homecare, and we can help you with your non-emergency senior transportation needs. Our service differs from many other options because we don’t just drop off you or your loved one, we can escort and assist them in their appointments and errands.

We’ll customize our senior transportation services to meet your loved one’s needs, and we have the flexibility to do whatever you and your loved one require. For example, we can take your loved one to their doctor’s appointment, walk with them to the waiting room and check them in at the front desk, and then assist them back to the vehicle when the appointment is completed. And on the way home we can swing by the pharmacy to pick up new medications and even stop by the grocery store for light shopping.

And we are more than just a ride. Our family of caregivers are experienced, compassionate, and understanding, and we carefully screen them for your peace of mind. In addition—

  1. We offer free consultations and evaluations, and develop a customized plan designed to meet your loved one’s needs.
  2. Our staff is experienced in companion care– attentive, and compassionate. We know how important the care of your loved one is to you.
  3. Our staff of professionals are all employees, not independent contractors, meaning they are covered by our liability and workers compensation insurance, for your peace of mind.
  4. Our staff includes one of the only Nurse Certified Geriatric Care Managers in the State of Illinois, as well as two registered nurses with over 50 years of experience in home healthcare.
  5. Our highly experienced staff will work closely with physicians, families, and other caregivers so your loved one can live independently and safely at home.
  6. We will be your advocate, both in dealing with insurance and financial matters, and dealing with doctors, hospitals, rehab facilities, and the like.

What it comes down to is this—if you need transportation services for your loved one, and want your loved one to have professional, compassionate companionship while they are away from home, you need to contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation. We’ll help give you and your loved one the freedom to live a quality life, at home.

With Health Advocates Homecare, you’re not alone.